Friends and family in the US and many other countries can now send you money to thousands of locations, bank accounts, and home addresses worldwide. It’s quick and hassle-free. Our competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees make F & T Trading Company the best way to send money online

Transfer Money Across International Borders

We value your money, hence our money transfer system is safe for money transfers worldwide. We offer various delivery methods to send money online to and from Cameroon; for example, our customers can choose to deliver their money via bank transfer, mobile money, or cash pickup. Our end-to-end, highly encrypted security system secures all transactions completed on our platform.


Send Money To And From Cameroon

We give our customers assurance and peace of mind that their hard-earned money will be delivered safely and securely. We offer excellent customer service, which helps guide our customers when sending money internationally using our platform. A highly encrypted security system backs all transactions completed on our system.


Fast & Easy Way to Transfer Funds

F & T Trading Company offers a fast and easy way to transfer money internationally. We provide fantastic remittance services at the best transfer rates for customers looking to transfer funds to and from Cameroon. Our personalized support service gives our customers the necessary guidance regarding their transfers across borders. 



Affordable Way to Transfer Money Internationally

F & T Trading Company offers the lowest transfer fees on money transfers. Our service is highly cost-effective. As a result, our customers get the best exchange rates when sending money.


Smooth User experience

F & T Trading Company Ltd is designed to simplify the user experience. Sending money abroad can be conducted without stress.